[Mailman-Users] Template question..

Butch Evans butche at butchevans.com
Mon Nov 24 01:48:47 CET 2008

I recently set up a searchable archive for my mailman installation 
using the instructions found here: 

Everything works exactly as expected, but there is one small 
problem.  Every time a new message is posted to any list that 
contains the updated template (which includes the search box), 
mailman will overwrite the archive index page without including the 
code for the search.  An example of what it is supposed to be is 
here: http://www.butchevans.com/pipermail/mikrotik/.  I have updated 
the template files in /usr/local/mailman/template/en/ and I thought 
this would fix the problem, but it does not appear to do so.

I am not certain if the problem occurs when a message is posted to 
the list or when the swish-e index is redone (I do this hourly via 
cron).  It appears, however, to happen on a new message post.  I 
just need a little assistance in finding how to determine which 
program is using the wrong template page and locating the particular 
template file that needs to be updated.  Any ideas?  FWIW, I updated 
to Mailman 2.1.11 today hoping that would fix the problem, but no 
joy.  :-(

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