[Mailman-Users] Messages shunted with "TypeError: decodingUnicode is not supported"

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Nov 24 16:21:56 CET 2008

This is a follow up on last month's thread and some off list communication.

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> The config.pck is very interesting. Many member addresses are unicode
> and all real names are unicode. Also, there are funny real names in a
> few cases like
> u'3847789951d66f4535b2fcf609aa85c05dfcf9c7'
> u'e5bfabbbab467f03ef9f116c21360ddd84dd5fad'
> and even in one case
> u'd1a1f8fedaabf424728ae3e0255731ff45991e8d
> \r\nd1a1f8fedaabf424728ae3e0255731ff45991e8d
> \r\nd1a1f8fedaabf424728ae3e0255731ff45991e8d \r\n',
> These look like confirmation tokens which maybe got pasted into the
> real name field in the web confirm page, but I don't know why they
> would be unicode in any case.
> I won't have much time to look at this before next week, but I'll get
> back to you.

The above anomalies with confirmation tokens as real names appear to be
unrelated to the issue of unicode member addresses. Also, the fact that
the real names are unicode is normal.

I have looked at the code a few times, and I can't find any place where
a member address gets stored as unicode. It has clearly happened in your
case, and has apparently happened elsewhere, at least in the past as
bin/list_members has an option (--unicode or -u) to display members
whose addresses are unicode. That's been around since 2.1.3.

It would help me if you could perhaps do

bin/list_members -u moxiemail > some/file

to create a list of unicode members, and periodically check to see if
any new unicode members are added. I.e., is this an ongoing issue, or
are these members that were created under some older version.

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