[Mailman-Users] privacy options, SPAM, regex

Helmut Schneider jumper99 at gmx.de
Wed Nov 26 10:40:20 CET 2008

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Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] privacy options, SPAM, regex 
> Helmut Schneider wrote:
>> I have lots of problems with out-of-office replies. I tried to set up
>> a few  filter rules using 2.1.10. Unfortuantely they don't catch them.
>> Are the  expressions case sensitiv? Are the expressions basic or
>> extended? 
>> What I tried yet:
>> ^subject:.*Accepted.*
>> ^subject:.*Declined.*
>> ^subject:.*is out of office.*
> There are two different filters at # Privacy options... ->Spam filters,
> and they work differently.
> The more flexible of the two is header_filter_rules. For
> header_filter_rules the regexps are matched against a multi-line
> string containing all the unfolded headers in the message, both
> message headers and sub-part headers. The regexp is a python regexp
> <http://docs.python.org/library/re.html#regular-expression-syntax> and
> the headers are searched
> <http://docs.python.org/library/re.html#re.search> for a match of the
> regexp in MULTILINE and IGNORECASE mode. This means the '^' matches
> the beginning of the string or the null character immediately
> following a newline and the match is case insensitive. Thus your above
> expressions look good.

That's weird. Messages still pass with e.g.

Subject: [Somelist] Declined:  Invitation to workshop on 13rd Dec. 2008

in the Header. Do I need to escape the colon? Or something else?

Thanks, Helmut

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