[Mailman-Users] privacy options, SPAM, regex

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Nov 27 01:23:20 CET 2008

Michael Welch wrote:
>>^subject:.*is out of office.*
>I just added this rule as a "Reject" since we have had a few of these come to the list lately.
>^subject:.*out of office.*
>Would folks be willing to share the rules they have developed that would apply to general business lists? We have not had any problems with spam, as our list is very tight. This would be for accidental or automated sendings.
>Also, what does the sender receive upon rejection? I am hesitant to test lest something accidentally gets through. 

That's what test lists are for ;)

The post is send back to the poster attached to a message with the
original subject which says "Message rejected by filter rule match".

>Is the list owner notified of these spam filter rejections?


>Are the spam rules applied after testing for list membership?

No. in the default pipeline, header_filter_rules are the first thing
done, even before checking for an Approved: header.

OTOH, bounce_matching_headers are not checked until after membership

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