[Mailman-Users] withlist -q still not quiet

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Oct 8 06:15:59 CEST 2008

Kelly Jones wrote:

>Why does "withlist -q test" say "The variable `m' is the test MailList
>instance". Shouldn't -q suppress that message?

Arguably it should, but no one anticipated you would want to supress
the banner in interactive mode.

>It's annoying because I run withlist stuff in cron and want it to run
>silently unless there are errors. I realize I can:
>2| fgrep -v 'the variable `m' is the'
>or something, but that seems excessive.

If withlist reads a script and is given -q and there are no
warnings/errors, there will be no output.

[msapiro at msapiro ...f/test-mailman]$ bin/withlist -a -r no_op
Importing no_op...
Running no_op.no_op()...
Loading list century-announce (unlocked)
Loading list century-announce-test (unlocked)
Loading list list1 (unlocked)
Loading list mailman (unlocked)
Loading list test (unlocked)
[msapiro at msapiro ...f/test-mailman]$ bin/withlist -a -r no_op -q
[msapiro at msapiro ...f/test-mailman]$

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