[Mailman-Users] listinfo problems

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Oct 9 02:30:36 CEST 2008

mindy wrote:

>I have exhausted the the kb for this issue and have not been able to find my
>answer.   If I go to any of my list admin pages and go to the bottom of the
>page and click on Overview of all lists.service.ohio-state.edu
><http://lists.service.ohio-state.edu/mailman/listinfo>  mailing lists, I
>just get an error Bug in Mailman and refers me to error logs.   I am not
>seeing anything in the error log that will give me a clue.

There is a full Python traceback from this error. That will help if rhe
below does not help.

>It does not
>seem to be able to find the url for the Overview of all the mailing lists.

The problem is the listinfo overview (and probably the admin overview
has the same issue) has to instantiate every list in the installation
to determine whether or not it should be shown on the overview page,
and something is wrong with the lists/listname/config.pck for one of
those lists.

Make the following two line file

def no_op(mlist, *args):

and save it in Mailman's bin/ directory as no_op.py. Then run

bin/withlist -a -r no_op

That should produce output similar to

Importing no_op...
Running no_op.no_op()...
Loading list century-announce (unlocked)
Loading list century-announce-test (unlocked)
Loading list list1 (unlocked)
Loading list mailman (unlocked)
Loading list test (unlocked)

Except with your installations list names, and except that at some
point there will be an exception and a traceback. The last

Loading list listname (unlocked)

before the error is the one with the bad config.pck. You might just try
removing the config.pck and letting Mailman fall back to
config.pck.last. If that doesn't work, you can resort to a backup if
you have one.

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