[Mailman-Users] Cookies

Grant Peel gpeel at thenetnow.com
Thu Oct 9 17:59:38 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I have just installed mailman on a FreeBSD (6.2) machines and things seem to 
be working (to the extent that I can test them).

Cookies do not seem to be sent from the server.

As mentioned, I am using FreeBSD 6.2, mailman 2.1.9, Python 2.4.

My cookies on my local machine (Browser) are working fine (tested 3 other 
sites on two different browsers), and all set a persistent session cookie.

Right now, I cant use the web interface as each time I click OK or submit, I 
am sent back to the login pages and no setting are saved!

Can anyone give me a hint as to where to start looking?


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