[Mailman-Users] reply-to header

Karen R McArthur kmcarthu at bates.edu
Fri Oct 10 17:20:28 CEST 2008

On default setup, I currently have:

first_strip_reply_to = False
reply_goes_to_list = 1
reply_to_address = ''

My list server fqdn: mailman.bates.edu
I would like the reply-to to go to this fqdn 
(listname at mailman.bates.edu), but it gets stripped to listname at bates.edu

As far as I can tell, sendmail is not rewriting my headers.  I have 
tested sending email through the sendmail CLI and the entire header 
arrives as sent.

As a second puzzle, when I change reply_goes_to_list = 0, reply-to 
header is still going to the list ...

I have exported the config_list and compared in both instances to 
confirm these settings.

Karen R. McArthur <kmcarthu at bates.edu>
Systems Administrator
Information and Library Services, Bates College
Lewiston, Maine 04240 USA
ph:(207)786-8236   fax:(207)786-6057

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