[Mailman-Users] reply-to header

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Oct 10 18:23:29 CEST 2008

Karen R McArthur wrote:

> My list server fqdn: mailman.bates.edu
> I would like the reply-to to go to this fqdn 
> (listname at mailman.bates.edu), but it gets stripped to listname at bates.edu

For one thing, mailman.bates.edu is a CNAME alias that points to 
postoffice03.bates.edu, so all MTAs should be re-writing 
mailman.bates.edu anyway -- but not to simply bates.edu.

If you don't want this kind of rewriting to be done, then you can't use 
CNAME aliases in the DNS.  Give mailman.bates.edu an IP address (like, and then set up reverse DNS for this IP address so 
that mailman.bates.edu is one of the answers given.  It should be okay 
if postoffice03.bates.edu also points directly to the same IP address 
and the reverse DNS for that IP address also includes that name in the 
response, but you need a full forward->reverse->forward matching for any 
given name you're going to use.

Also, I would suggest using a service name that does not include the 
name of the software in question.  So, lists.bates.edu instead of 
mailman.bates.edu -- this gives you the option to change the software 
used in the future, instead of having a case where you have Mailman 
serving mailing lists on a machine known as listproc.bates.edu, or 
whatever.  This is generally a good idea for pretty much all services, 
so bugs.bates.edu instead of bugzilla.bates.edu, webmail.bates.edu 
instead of squirrelmail.bates.edu, mail.bates.edu instead of 
delivermail.bates.edu, www.bates.edu instead of tomcat.bates.edu, etc....

> As far as I can tell, sendmail is not rewriting my headers.  I have 
> tested sending email through the sendmail CLI and the entire header 
> arrives as sent.

Keep in mind that some configuration options will only be effective at 
list creation time.  Once the list gets created, even if you go in and 
change those options, you will only affect new lists that get created 
and all existing lists will be unchanged.

So, make sure you're changing the right option, and that the option in 
question for a list is something that can be changed after the list has 
been created.

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