[Mailman-Users] Cpanel problem

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Oct 11 17:55:15 CEST 2008

Mel wrote:

>I forgot to reply all on the post, BTW the hosting service is GKG just 
>in case this comes up
>Well I found no reference to rate limit after searching for Cpanel on 
>the WIKI but here what the hosting service sent me, I will say it is a 
>raw deal. I am running the list locally on my list server for the time 
>being and this was not part of the deal.

I suggest you encourage your client to move to a hosting service that
offers useable mailman lists. There are such services. At least one
(emwd.com) is an active participant in this list.

>"Our server does what is called a Sender Verify, it checks to see if the 
>address that is sending from, is valid. Since it doesn't exist, the emails
>all fail.

Since you read the cPanel FAQ, I hope you realize that any or all of
the following may be wrong, but it is correct for Mailman as
distributed by the GNU Mailman project.

What doesn't exist? Mailman mails are from
listname-bounces at example.com. This should be a valid, deliverable
address or bounce processing won't work.

Or are they trying to say mail has to be from an actual customer

>Remember also that there is a 100 emails per hour limit on sending 
>emails. So
>if you have more than 100 people on the list, it will send to the first 100
>people and then the rest will bounce. If that is the case, you will need to
>split your list of users up into several lists."

Depending on the actual SMTP response, Mailman may put the message with
undelivered recipients in the 'retry' queue and continue to retry at
intervals (default 15 min) for (default) 5 days. So if the MTA rejects
the 'extra' recipients with a response of 552 or any 4yz, the failed
recipients will be retried. It will still take 5+ hours to deliver to
551 recipients, which implies a hopeless backlog if there are more
than 4 posts in a day, but the mail should eventually be delivered.

It is apparent that GKG is not interested in providing a useable
Mailman service for other than very small, low traffic lists. If they
were, they could accommodate this. Encourage your client to find an
appropriate provider.

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