[Mailman-Users] withlist -q still not quiet

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Oct 11 20:09:07 CEST 2008

Kelly Jones wrote:

>Mark, according to "withlist --help":
>% bin/withlist [options] listname [args ...]
>which means the listname is required on the command line, no?

True, but the latter explaination of the "--all / -a" option qualifies

>How do I move the listname into a script instead?

It is not the absence of listname that supresses the banner and makes
withlist -q truly quiet. It is the presence of the "-r callable"

[msapiro at msapiro ...f/test-mailman]$ bin/withlist -r no_op list1
Importing no_op...
Running no_op.no_op()...
Loading list list1 (unlocked)
[msapiro at msapiro ...f/test-mailman]$ bin/withlist -r no_op -q list1
[msapiro at msapiro ...f/test-mailman]$

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