[Mailman-Users] Extreme Slow delivery of messages

faisal anif faisalanif at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 20 11:04:05 CEST 2008

here's the SMTP log:
for 49194 recips, completed in 49.745 seconds
is this a good thing? do I have to change anything in mailman?
> Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 11:37:09 -0700> From: mark at msapiro.net> To: faisalanif at hotmail.com; mailman-users at python.org> Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] Extreme Slow delivery of messages> > faisal anif wrote:> > > >I've recently purchased a dedicated server (P4 2.4, 1 GB RAM) with Cpanel/WHM .. I created a list with cpanel but noticed that exim is extremely slow in delivering the messages to the list although I changed the following settings in WHM:> > > >The maximum each domain can send out per hour (0 is unlimited) = 0> > > >Number of minutes between mail server queue runs (default is 60) = 1> > > >I checked with the server's providers, there are no constraints on the outgoing messages from the server.> > > >what could the problem be?> > > Question 1 - is the delay in SMTP from Mailman to exim or is the delay> between exim and the remote MTA's?> > Look in mailman's smtp log for messages like> > Oct 17 09:47:08 2008 (30746)> <973585.76882.qm at web36908.mail.mud.yahoo.com> smtp to gpc-website for> 23 recips, completed in 0.396 seconds> > The above is a VERP'd delivery, so it represents 23 separate SMTP> transactions in 0.396 seconds. If your delivery is an order of> magnitude or more slower than this, see the FAQ at> <http://wiki.list.org/x/doA9>.> > If the delay is between exim and the remote MTA's, this is an exim> question, not a Mailman one, but the FAQ at> <http://wiki.list.org/x/qoA9> may help.> > -- > Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> The highway is for gamblers,> San Francisco Bay Area, California better use your sense - B. Dylan> 
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