[Mailman-Users] HTML to TEXT but still see ATT

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Oct 22 17:47:00 CEST 2008

John Whitney wrote:
>My issues are not cPanel related. I think it's how Outlook processes
>MIME types in emails.

Ultimately, the issue is how Outlook displays a mime multipart message,
but what happens to the message when footers are added and exactly how
footers are added and what the mime structure of the final message is
are all issues in which cPanel Mailman behaves differently from GNU
Mailman in at least some cases.

>I know from your posts that you hate html email,
>but my organizations sends-out multicolored calendar updates to our
>users that would otherwise be useless with rich text formatting.
>Thus, I'm simply trying to send my html emails thru Mailman with the
>personalized footer, all in the body. They come together in the body
>of the email with web-client email readers, like gMail, but not
>Outlook (where the footer looks like an attachment, i.e. ATT###.txt).

They don't come together in the body, or they would render the same in
all MUAs. The footer is being added as a separate mime text/plain part
and some MUAs just go ahead and display it inline, but Outlook doesn't

>So basically, if I send html email and want a personalised text
>footer, I'm out of luck form some email clients. Yes?

Have you tried just setting convert_html_to_plaintext to No. What
cPanel does in this area that's different is attempt to add the footer
directly to the html part. This may work with your mails, but it may
not. See <http://forums.cpanel.net/showthread.php?t=61603>. You
will need to register at the cPanel forums site to see that post.

I can make further suggestions, but to do so, I would need to see a raw
message as sent to the list and one as received from the list (I don't
actually need the content, but I do need to see the mime structure of
both messages.

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