[Mailman-Users] Using Email commands for List Subscription and Email Changes

Brian Canty bcanty at apsa.org
Wed Oct 22 20:29:38 CEST 2008

I currently use Majordomo for a good majority of my email lists.  I am
looking to convert my lists to Mailman.  I am trying to find a way where
I can issue commands via email that will get me results.  For example
currently I can send an email and in the body I can say

Which <email address>

And I get a return email address back to the lists that email address is
subscribed.  At this point I can than issue Unsubscribe and Subscribe
commands via email.

Is this at all possible in mailman?

Thanks in advance.

Brian Canty
Manager Computer Information Services
American Psychoanalytic Association
212-752-0450 x17

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