[Mailman-Users] Question about footers (again)

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Oct 23 17:13:20 CEST 2008

Allan Trick wrote:

> I'm using Mailman 2.1.5 and wondering if I upgrade to a newer version 
> will I get any better results with messages going out that "hide" the 
> footer as an attachment?


> I suspect the problem is, as was explained in some of those old list 
> messages, that senders are sending RTF or HTML, but the footer is plain 
> text, so Mailman separates them.

Right.  They get put into a separate MIME bodypart, which some MUAs will 
display together, but others won't.

> If MM developers have figured out a way in a newer version to better 
> assure people won't miss the footer, I'd appreciate knowing (and will 
> upgrade).  Or if there are any other nifty ideas to get around this 
> problem in 2.1.5, I'd appreciate knowing that as well!

You could drop the footers altogether.  You could strip all non-ASCII text 
content, and convert HTML to ASCII text.  You might still get separate MIME 
bodyparts if the character set was different, but I don't think there's 
anything more you could do from the Mailman side.

Alternatively, throw out all the crappy MUAs that behave badly, and replace 
them all with good ones.

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