[Mailman-Users] Giving Non-Administrator Access To Simple Admin Functions

Steve Lund slund348 at pobox.com
Sun Oct 26 02:47:13 CEST 2008


I am currently administering a small Mailman 2.11 list for our volunteer 
organization. Another individual needs the basic ability to 
subscribe,  unsubscribe and possibly list members. This person thinks that 
they are a lot more computer literate than they are and I don't want to 
give them the password to the web configuration interface for fear that 
they will mess something up that will take me hours to figure out and fix.

I am an embedded hardware engineer and not a programmer but I am careful 
enough not to change settings or list parameters without thoroughly testing 
the changes. So far I have managed to stay out of trouble! :-)

Is it possible to do these rudimentary functions via the e-mail interface? 
If so can you point me to some documentation on how to do this? The only 
information I have found on the email interface seems to be directed to an 
individual user changing their own parameters and not to admin functions.

Would I then have to add this person as an administrator and then just not 
tell them about the other email commands or the existence of the web interface?

Any other suggestions?



P.S. These admins and users are all on Windows boxes so any solution cannot 
be Linux specific.

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