[Mailman-Users] msg_footer and standard message signature question

Daniel Novotny dnovotny at redhat.com
Mon Oct 27 11:49:36 CET 2008


we have stumbled upon a problem, that in msg_footer, 
Mailman discards the space at the end of the signature delimiter "-- ", 
which should be two dashes and space,
according to http://www.guckes.net/mail/sig.etiquette.html#sigdashes

the code (Mailman/Handlers/Decorate.py) says
 text = re.sub(r' *\r?\n', r'\n', template % d)
so all the spaces before newline are eaten by the regex:
is there any specific reason to strip the spaces? 
The previous version of mailman just changed \r\n to \n ...

We want to correct the signature problem, but we don't want any

thanks and regards,

 Daniel Novotny

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