[Mailman-Users] Messages shunted with "TypeError: decoding Unicodeis not supported"

Josh Clark jclark at globalmoxie.com
Mon Oct 27 19:01:26 CET 2008

Hi Mark,

Many thanks for your help.

> Is your Mailman/Handlers/Decorate.py unmodified?

This is an unmodified installation.

> What do you see as the value of msg_footer from the output of

> bin/config_list -o - listname | grep -A10 msg_footer

Here's what I get:

$ bin/config_list -o - moxiemail | grep -A10 msg_footer
msg_footer = """_______________________________________________
You are subscribed to this mailing list as %(user_address)s
To edit your subscription options or to unsubscribe, visit:

# When you scrub attachments, they are stored in archive area and links
# are made in the message so that the member can access via web browser.
# If you want the attachments totally disappear, you can use content
# filter options.
# legal values are:

Also, I should have noted in my original messge that this installation  
was recently moved from another server, and I believe that my failed  
attempt is actually the first message that's being sent to the list  
through the new setup (it's used as a broadcast newsletter list, not  
as a discussion list).

In case this is relevant, the original server was running a previous  
version of 2.1.x (not sure which version precisely, sorry). I  
installed 2.1.11 on the new server and then copied the contents of  
lists and archives/private from the old to the new, running "bin/ 
check_perms -f" afterward.

Thanks again for helping to troubleshoot this issue, it's much  

All best,

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