[Mailman-Users] help diagnosing problem

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Oct 29 16:32:34 CET 2008

Ricardo Kleemann wrote:
>I'm running mailman 2.1.9 under Ubuntu, and for some reason it seems to somehow be getting stuck once in a while. Almost every day I have to "kick it" to get it going by restarting the process. Although it seems all the qrunner processes are still there, the qfiles seem stuck and until I restart mailman, the queue does not get processed.

Which queues are not processed? All or just out/?

>I have a couple large lists, to the point that when the queue gets stuck, I can come in the morning and see there are almost 20,000 messages in the qfiles/out directory.
>I've been running these lists for a few years now, and they were running fine under mailman in another server, but now I've moved them to a new server, and somehow this is happening.
>I see that in logs/error there are a lot of errors related to unparseable message, for example:
>Oct 29 07:46:00 2008 (4208) Ignoring unparseable message: 1225156297.669034+58c184ed96a18e9fdad8c658fde5815c31440c01

This is malformed spam sent to a list and ignored. It is not related to
your problem.

>But anyway, these lists ran without a hitch in the other server with an older version of mailman.
>Is there something I can look at to help debug this problem? Right now it looks like I have to resort to a cron entry to restart mailman once a day, probably.. :-(

I'm guessing it's only the out queue that gets stuck. If so, it is
probably because of some glitch in SMTP delivery to your MTA that is
causing the SMTP library routines to hang waiting for an SMTP response
that never comes.

Look in Mailman's smtp-failure log for clues and see the FAQ at
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