[Mailman-Users] many problems

Zbigniew Szalbot z.szalbot at lcwords.com
Wed Sep 3 19:18:38 CEST 2008

Hi Jaione,

Jaione Arrieta:
> Hi I have a mailing list, I´m the administrator that is I´m a user
> and have no idea of programming, and I used to have the same mailing
> list  in mailman but with an older version and worked just fine and I
> was very happy with it but had to change servers and my hosting
> service upload the version available a month ago which is the version
> 2.1.9.cp2 and I´m having many problems with this version _postings
> take veryyyyy long time to arrived if they do, because some postings
> arrive to some members and others to other members and some they
> don´t arrive to anybody even if they get to the archive, and if there
> is an important subject to discuss there´s no way to make it
> interesting cause many people don´t get the messages, and even if
> they send a message it doesn´t arrive to many people, an I need the
> mailing list   to be fast an  active as it was before and I´m having
> lot´s of complains... _all of the sudden all the memebers for example
> the "m" members get unsuscribe at the same time and I put them back
> and then all the members that start with "p" get unsuscribe at the
> same time and I don´t have time to check all the time all the members
> usually I have to do it two or three times a day I´m really not very
> happy with this version, is there a way to go back to an older
> version ? or what can I do to make it work just fine with no
> problems?

I am sure others will have better ideas but it seems to me you may want 
to use a different provider which offers good mailman support so that 
you do not have to worry about underlying details - i.e. it is their 
responsibility to make mailman work as expected.

If you check the archives, you will be able to find people on this list 
who offer such services.

Zbigniew Szalbot

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