[Mailman-Users] many problems

Brian Carpenter brian at emwd.com
Thu Sep 4 06:53:01 CEST 2008

> Hi everyone,
> My name is Karen and I've just set up a Virtual Dedicated Linux server
> via
> Godaddy.  I want to run Mailman for a litserv community that has
> decided to
> flee one of the many VT listservs they have so kindly hosted over the
> years.
>  The list has gone down too many times and the feeling is we'd like a
> listserv under our own control.
> So, here's one of my first questions.  Since I've never administrated a
> listserv before and don't have any experience with Mailman, is there
> anyone
> else on this list who is also using Godaddy's Virtual server hosting
> plan
> who can give me some pointers?  I called GoDaddy yesterday and I was
> told
> that unless I pay for an Assisted Service Plan (which is
> expensive!!!!!),
> they don't offer support for Mailman.  Even though one can enable it
> via
> their Simple Control Panel and set up a list via that control panel.
>  However the list I set up only allowed me to name it thus far.  I
> didn't
> see a place where I could add email addresses to start testing my first
> list
> with a few other people.

You would typically log into the list administration interface at

> And when I used Putty to SSH into my new server, I couldn't determine
> where
> Mailman's install directory was.  Any ideas?  A little bit of
> background on
> me...I'm a web developer and I've programmed in Python before.  I'm
> familiar
> with PHP, MySQL, TCL, Javascript, etc.  However, not a lot of Linux or
> SysAdmin experience aside from navigating the file structure and
> unpacking
> and archiving things.

Try using something like "locate qrunner" via the command line.

> I'm a quick learner though and excited about learning Linux and
> Mailman.  I
> can read manuals and can figure out what commands I need to issue on
> the cmd
> line once I figure out what I need to do configuration wise (if
> anything)
> with GoDaddy.  If someone has written any documentation out there on
> GoDaddy's set up, Simple Control Panel (like should I just upgrade to
> Plex
> for $10 more a month?) and Mailman, aside from the scant info I found
> in
> their Help area (which all deals with the Plex control panael...not the
> Simple Control Panel), then I'd be grateful for a link or any advice at
> all.

This is a list that supports mailman, not one that tells you how to use the
services of a host (Godaddy) who is not willing to support this wonderful

It seems like you are going through a lot just to run one(?) list. You might
want to check us out at http://emwd.com/mailman.html. We are one hosting
company that is willing to answer your questions regarding the use of
mailman without asking you to pay more.

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