[Mailman-Users] Rv: many problems

Bill Christensen billc_lists at greenbuilder.com
Sun Sep 7 06:07:33 CEST 2008

At 10:33 AM -0700 9/5/08, Jaione Arrieta wrote:

>Thank you for the answers and yes the problem is wit=
>h the server that doesn=C2=B4t allow more than 400 mails an hour!!!! and my=
>  list has 500 members....,

Sounds like you have a problem there.

If this is an announcement list (where you might have some control 
over the timing of messages being sent, as opposed to a discusion 
list where you won't) you might be able to temporarily split the list 
into two.

If it's a discussion, you'd be better off moving it again OR getting 
the current server admin to allow more than 400 emails/hour.

>_and what makes me more mad is that my contract with them was that 
>the mailman work properly,

Well, technically Mailman *is* working properly.  It's the throttled 
mail gateway that's getting you.

>  I'm looking for the best option=
>  and I after going through the list you guys sent me I like EMWD=C2=A0 caus=
>e they have a mailman hosting=C2=A0 _that=C2=B4s all I need cause my web is=
>  in another server_but I have contacted them twice already (yesterday and t=
>his morning)and haven=C2=B4t had any answer yet....

Maybe because you're ranting and sound like a potentially 
high-maintainence client.  (-;

Actually, they say that they've attempted to contact you but it's 
bounced from your Yahoo address twice.

We also host Mailman lists.  I hadn't spoken up before now because 
we're relatively new to Mailman, having just switched over in March 
from another list software that we've been running for many years. 
And because I was busy with other stuff - like working on a long 
overdue overhaul of our own site.

Before I can make you an offer I'd need to know the topic of your 
list and get an idea of your message load - how many messages per 
week or month on average, and what the averages is of the total 
megabytes used.

Bill Christensen

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