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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Sep 7 06:33:42 CEST 2008

At 7:25 PM +0000 9/6/08, Khalil Abbas wrote:

>  first of all, godaddy has a very very strict policy against spamming, you
>  can read about it in their website.

They may have a strong policy, but that doesn't necessarily mean that 
they know all of their customers who are actually spamming.  They 
might need to be told.

>                                       if they noticed the least of bounces
>  they would terminate your whole server ..

That's good.

>                                             besides, my list is OPT-IN and
>  I never use the mass subscribe feature unless I want to move people from
>  one list to another ..

I've been fighting spam since 1995, and you wouldn't believe the 
number of spammers I've talked to who have claimed that they are 
legit, that they run purely opt-in lists, etc....

Just because someone says they're legit doesn't necessarily make it so.

>  second, what I meant was: each subscriber likes the service so much that
>  he sends it to his friends, and his friends like it so much that most of
>  them subscribe.. for the service is very cool, a single line of quote that
>  is never hard to read with great wisdom and benefit ...

If they are subscribing themselves, that's good.

Otherwise, not.

>  Third, you should think better of people, religious messages is not
>  about bugging other people it's about teaching them not to disturb
>  other people ..

Regretfully, there are a small percentage of people out there who 
think it's their sole purpose in life to spoil things for everyone 

If you're going to be in this line of work, you learn very quickly 
that you have to assume the worst.

In your case, I still haven't made up my mind.  So, I am not going to 
report you to GoDaddy (not yet, anyway), but I'm also not going to 
provide any further feedback that might be considered useful.

When I've made up my mind one way or the other, then I will take action.

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