[Mailman-Users] Availability of patches on Launchpad

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull at sk.tsukuba.ac.jp
Mon Sep 8 11:36:29 CEST 2008

Richard Barrett writes:

 > I guess it is not intended that the old approach with sourceforge of  
 > putting enhancements into the tracker with patch files attached,  
 > should be followed with Launchpad. I expect someone is going to tell  
 > me I should create my own branches of Mailman on Launchpad for each  
 > of my enhancement and publish what were patch file contents in that  
 > way.

I imagine that is the "preferred method" for *future* patches, but
since Canonical is after World Domination Now (or at least a market
share that requires units greater than nano-percents to measure), they
had better not lose history this way.  I advise you to assume that
this is just a bug (albeit a rather distressing one) that will be
fixed in due time, until somebody says otherwise.

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