[Mailman-Users] Dealing with ISPs that blacklist by message volune?

David Gibbs david at midrange.com
Tue Sep 9 02:17:01 CEST 2008

Beau James wrote:
> The trigger seems to be that some of our subscriber's ISP domans don't
> like "too many" incoming messages per hour from one originating domain.
> Worse, some of these ISPs apparently report the domain and the IP address
> of the originating MTA to some of the blacklist siets.  In very short order,
> we're dead.  And so are all the other lists hosted on our ISPs server.

I've had issues with some ISP's rate limiting deliveries (small ISP's, not the major ones) ... but *NONE* of them have ever submitted any of my IP's to a RBL site.

Perhaps something else is going on?  Have you checked your outbound port 25 traffic to make sure all the traffic is yours?


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