[Mailman-Users] accept these non members: @listname not working

Gary Casterline casterln at nature.berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 10 00:40:47 CEST 2008

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Gary Casterline wrote:
>> I take care of some list housed on an ISP that's running Mailman 2.1.11.
>> The feature to include lists in the privacy/sender/accept these
>> nonmembers box is *apparently* there (the html help link describes the
>> feature at least), however, folks who are members of the specified
>> @listname are being held for approval with reason: "post by non member"
> What Mailman version is this (from the lower left of a web page)? If it
> just says 2.1.11, that won't help us much, but if it has additional
> notations like 2.1.11-1 or 2.1.11cp1, that says it's someones package
> which may have issues with this feature.
> In particular, if it's cPanel (cp following the release) this feature
> may not play well with their listname munging. I.e. you may need to
> use @listname_hostname insteat of @listname.
> Other than packager or ISP mods, the only thing that might affect this
> is the mm_cfg.py setting USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER. If this is Yes, a
> Sender: header in the message will take precedence over From: in
> determining who the poster is, but this is unlikely to be the reason
> except occasionally.

Turned out the list names were munged slightly -- I needed to append
a string: -hostname to each listname.  I figured this out by using
your mailman-subscribers.py script.  Thanks.   _Gary

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