[Mailman-Users] Passwords

Rachel Mawhood rachel at longitude0.co.uk
Wed Sep 10 12:58:32 CEST 2008

Our list welcome message was sent out to the members by the Secretary 
yesterday but he sent it as an ordinary mailman@ message and it 
didn't contain any password in it.  We'll have to send another, 
additional, message, just to get the passwords generated, but I will 
have to give the Secretary a description of how to do this.  Ie

1.  Log into Mailman control panel
2.  Scroll down the General Options to "List-specific text prepended 
to new-subscriber welcome message"
3.  Enter any text to be sent in the message as well as the password
4.   ?
5.   ?

I'd be grateful for help with the rest of this.  You'll remember that 
all the members were subscribed by the Secretary - they didn't 
subscribe themselves - I can't see how to create and send a welcome 
message (or a "reminder" message) that includes passwords (ie that 
the Mailman program recognises as THE welcome message and so will 
include the passwords).

Hope this makes sense.

At 17:05 01/08/2008, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>Rachel Mawhood wrote:
> >
> >Obviously, we can't give 400-plus people the Admin or Moderator
> >passwords so that they can view the Archives.  Is there a way of
> >having a third password, which we can give to the membership (and
> >reset from time to time), to enable members to view the Archives?
>The admin and moderator passwords work (even without email address) for
>accessing the archives, but each list member (including admins and
>moderators if they are also members) has her/his own list password. In
>your subscription scenario, the password is randomly generated. It
>will be mailed to the member in the list welcome message, and unless
>disabled by the list or the user, the user will receive a monthly
>email reminder.
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