[Mailman-Users] Base64 encoding?

Jim Garrison jhg at jhmg.net
Thu Sep 11 04:00:31 CEST 2008

Does Mailman ever take a message that it received in plain
text form and re-encode it in base64 (leaving the mime type
as text/plain)?

This just happened to a message I sent to a private list for
which I am the admin, and I'm trying to pin it down between
Mailman and Postfix.  I composed the message in Thunderbird,
and the source of the saved outgoing copy (in the Sent folder)
is plain ASCII (not base64-encoded).  I am subscribed to the
list so I get a copy of whatever is sent, and the copy
received from the server IS base64-encoded.

Jim Garrison (jhg at acm.org)
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