[Mailman-Users] getting list members from mysql

Peter Molnar molnarp.pub at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 21:26:28 CEST 2008


Yes, we have a DB, and currently I have a PHP script, that extracts names
and e-mail addresses in the form "Name" <email at domain.com>, the user gets
this, copy&paste it to the webmail app's bcc field, and sends the mail. I'd
like to take advantage of Mailman, that way the user would have to send the
mail to a single address, and let Mailman do the rest. Replies for these
e-mails are discarded, no bounce processing is required.

The only requirement is to forward the mail to the members, only if it's
sent from a certain address, or addresses. Even list members aren't allowed
to send mail to the list.

By the way, this is a kind of "announcement" list, sent out weekly. Students
of our student hostel get information about the week's programmes.

This works perfectly with Mailman (we've used Mailman for this in the past),
the only hassle is keeping Mailman's DB up-to-date with our MySQL DB,
containing the student's data, e.g. when a student moves in/out, the MySQL
DB is updated. Previously, we removed all list members from the list, and
then added everybody using the PHP generated list, but I'd like to avod
this, and to use MySQL.

I hope now everyone understands my problem, thanks for the replies, guys.


On Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 5:48 PM, Fil <fil at rezo.net> wrote:

> > You can use the list specific extend.py mechanism to activate the MySQL
> > MemberAdaptor for a single list.
> > However, since Fil himself is recommending a different method, the
> > adaptation of the MySQL MemberAdaptor to your database may not be easy.
> Yes it could work too; but it would mean that Mailman is using this
> database as its primary DB (at least for this list), where it's
> storing bounce info and so on; from what I understand, there we have a
> DB that already exists and from which we want to "extract" the
> addresses?
> -- Fil

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