[Mailman-Users] email subscription sends two messages

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Sep 18 02:28:07 CEST 2008

Don Hone wrote:

>Using Mailman version: 2.1.9
>[Corrected message]
>I sent a subscribe command to join a mailing list and received two 
>confirmation messages. Could this be the result of putting the word 
>subscribe into the subject as well as the body? If not, any other ideas?
>Could this be a bug or should we use only body or subject for the command?

Both the subject and the body of a message sent to the list-request
address are scanned for commands. If the subject doesn't contain a
valid command, it is ignored, but whether or not the subject contains
a valid command, the body is processed line by line until an error
occurs, an 'end' command is reached or there are no more lines.

If you put subscribe in both the subject and body of a message to the
list-request address, the two subscribe commands are both processed.

If you want to consider that a bug, you can, but consider that you
might want to request subscription for two addresses in one request

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