[Mailman-Users] Greetings .. and some Questions

Jeffrey Lake - Admin admin at michiganwxsystem.com
Wed Sep 17 19:21:24 CEST 2008

I love MailMan .. but I am having some problems that I hope someone here can help with.

I run a web-server that has MailMan installed by Cpanel. 
Most of my clients use MailMan in one way or another, as do I.
What I need to do is fix a minor problem,
approximently half the URL's MailMan creates are missing the 'www' portion of the
link, this causes a little problem when users log-in with the 'www' in the URL then get
sent to a URL with out the 'www' they are forced to log-in again ..
this gets a little annoying ..

Now for a problem releated to my web-site ..
I have been attempting to get my installs of MailMan to use
my SSL cert, as I want the entire site behind the SSL,
If I add that to the mm_cfg.py everybodies MailMan on the server
wants to run with 'https' which causes all kinds of errors ..

Is there someplace else I should be looking for each sites configs
to have my site use https

Jeff Lake

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