[Mailman-Users] Old server settings applied to some lists

charlie derr cderr at simons-rock.edu
Thu Sep 18 21:47:48 CEST 2008

	I just had cause to change a config setting for all lists we manage and 
found the instructions at 
to be thorough and complete.

	good luck,

Anne Anderson wrote:
> Hello!  I hope someone can help me fix some bad configuration.
> We am running mailman 2.1.9 here at Westmont College and we have 
> hundreds of lists which have been set up over the last 10 years or so. 
> In that time, we have had several different mail servers.  We now use 
> the name mail.westmont.edu to refer to our current mail server, 
> regardless of what its real hostname is.
> However, some of the lists which were created long ago seem to be still 
> configured with other server names.
> This results in bad links being sent out in email notices from these 
> lists, such as notices to moderators that messages are being held.
> The only way I have found to fix this is to remove and re-create the 
> list.  Needless to say I'd rather fix the bad configs in a more direct way.
> I'm a programmer (perl and php), and although I don't speak python, I 
> tend to be one of those who likes to look at the scripts to find an 
> answer to a problem.
> So I looked at mm_cfg.py and Defaults.py and discovered these settings:
> In mm_cfg.py (last modified 2002-10-07):
> DEFAULT_HOST_NAME = 'mail.westmont.edu'
> DEFAULT_URL       = 'http://%s/mailman/' % DEFAULT_HOST_NAME
> This is correct.
> In Defaults.py (last modified 2006-08-04):
> DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'down.westmont.edu'
> DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'down.westmont.edu'
> DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'http://%s/mailman/'
> # DEFAULT_HOST_NAME has been replaced with DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST, however some
> # sites may have the former in their mm_cfg.py files.  If so, we'll believe
> # that, otherwise we'll believe DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST.  Same for DEFAULT_URL.
> This is not correct... we have not had the server named 
> 'down.westmont.edu' for many years.  However, this hostname is 
> configured into many of the lists that were created at the time.
> When doing a grep for 'down.westmont.edu' in /var/lib/mailman/Mailman, 
> it also tells me that the binary file Defaults.pyc matches.
> We are cautioned not to edit Defaults.py by hand, and I wouldn't know 
> how to recompile it anyway. :)
> Can anyone tell me how to fix this so that all our lists will be 
> configured for mail.westmont.edu?  Thanks!
> Anne
> Anne Anderson    aba at westmont.edu
> Web Application Developer / Database Manager
> Information Technology
> Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
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