[Mailman-Users] One member has already lost his password [was: Passwords]

Rachel Mawhood rachel at longitude0.co.uk
Fri Sep 19 15:53:53 CEST 2008

Further to this, one of the members has already lost his password ...  :-)

Will I break anything if I go into his Subscriber Options page via 
the Admin Control panel and Admin password and press the button to 
send him a reminder of his password?


At 15:52 11/09/2008, Rachel Mawhood wrote:
>Hi Mark
>Thank you for this - you have saved the day!  :-)  Cron job 
>run.  Everyone now has their password.  Phew.
>I have done 3 to 5 (of your message) in the control panel, too.
>At 15:56 10/09/2008, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>Once a person is a list member, you can't send another "welcome"
>>message without unsubscribing and resubscribing the member. You can
>>send a password reminder to everyone on the list by first making sure
>>that "Send monthly password reminders?" on the General Options page is
>>set to Yes and then from a shell, running Mailman's
>>   cron/mailpasswds -l listname
>>To ensure the welcome is sent when doing mass subscribes in the future
>> >1.  Log into Mailman control panel
>> >2.  Scroll down the General Options to "List-specific text prepended
>> >to new-subscriber welcome message"
>> >3.  Enter any text to be sent in the message as well as the password
>>3. Optionally enter any additional, list specific text to be sent along
>>with the standard welcome message - this is a one time step.
>>4. Make sure that "Send welcome message to newly subscribed members?"
>>is set to Yes - this is a one time step.
>>5. When using Membership Management... -> Mass Subscription to add
>>members, make sure that "Send welcome messages to new subscribees?" is
>>set to Yes. This will be the default if step 4 was done.
>>Mailman is not going to add the members password to any ordinary
>>message. The only messages to the user that contain the password are
>>the actual Mailman generated list welcome message, the password
>>reminders sent from cron/maillpasswds (normally run monthly on the 1st
>>by cron) and a user requested password reminder from the user options
>>login page.
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