[Mailman-Users] locks

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Sep 19 21:43:26 CEST 2008

kalin m wrote:
>i did delete the locks when the problem begun. but that apparently 
>didn;t do much..  now here is what i get:

Do you still have lock issues?  Perhaps you deleted some active lock
requests along with the stale lock and allowed a concurrent update
causing the config.pck corruption. Or perhaps the corrupt config.pck
is causing lock issues?

>./bin/dumpdb lists/musiclist/config.pck | grep data_version
>doesn't do much.
>for ./bin/dumpdb lists/musiclist/config.pck.last
>is giving me the help page for dumpdb.

Which tells you "If the filename ends with `.db', then it is assumed
that the file contains a Python marshal.  If the file ends with `.pck'
then it is assumed to contain a Python pickle.  In either case, if you
want to override the default assumption -- or if the file ends in
neither suffix -- use the -p or -m flags."

i.e. you need to do

  ./bin/dumpdb -p lists/musiclist/config.pck.last

>a grep on both files for data_version is not returning anything....

What do you get when you dump these files? If you compare the results
(by eye, not with diff) to a dump of a working list's config.pck, do
they even look reasonable?

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