[Mailman-Users] (pipermail versus ...) To join a conversationfromthe web interface

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Sep 20 02:30:06 CEST 2008

Edward Harvey wrote:
>Oh - I misunderstood the meaning of that.  Here's what I thought:
>I thought if OBSCURES is No, the archiver shows <a href='mailto:joe at domain' 
> >joe at domain</a>
>I thought if OBSCURES is Yes, the archiver shows <a href='mailto:joe at domain' 
> >joe -at- domain</a>
>I think this is cool the way it is, and it was just my misunderstanding.

Your thought was correct about OBSCURES is No.

With respect to OBSCURES is Yes, we can't leave the unmunged poster's
address in a mailto: link because even though it isn't visually
obvious on the page, any harvesting robot will see it in the HTML as a
valid address, so in this case we replace it with the list posting
address in the mailto:

>>> If he looks closely, he notices the URL of that link is:
>>> 	mailto:somelist at domain.com?Subject=[Somelist]An Interesting
>>> Idea&In-Reply-To=
>>> He's going to think, "if I click that, it's a new message to the  
>>> list,
>>> joining this conversation."
>>> Neither of his thoughts are right.
>>> I'm thinking the text of a mailto should always match the url  
>>> address.
>>> Otherwise it's misleading, because most people will only see the  
>>> blue text.
>>> If you see the link joe.user at domain.com then you think it  
>>> generates mail
>>> to joe.user, not to some other address.
>> Good point.
>If I'm making a suggestion for future release...  I suggest this:
><strong>Joe User</strong> <a href='mailto:joe at domain'>Reply to Joe</ 
>a><br />
><a href='mailto:list at domain&Subject=blahblah'>Reply to list</a>

Here again, the obfuscation, mimimal as it is, is all for naught if we
leave the unmunged address in a mailto: in the HTML.

The intent of my suggested template change was to make it something like

<strong>Joe User</strong> joe at domain
<a href='mailto:list at domain&Subject=blahblah'>Reply to list</a>

>> Much of what you see is governed by the article.html template. See the
>> FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/jYA9> for more info on templates.
>> <snip>
>>      </A><BR>
>In other words, I should be able to customize it.  :-)  Awesome,  
>thanks.  Wish me luck.

Good luck.

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