[Mailman-Users] list request.pck out of date wrt data/holding*

Martin Evans martin.evans at easysoft.com
Fri Sep 19 18:51:47 CEST 2008

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Martin Evans wrote:
>> I've just taken over an existing mailman list and I'm hitting a rather 
>> annoying problem I hope someone can help me with. When I go to the web 
>> admin list and select "Tend to pending moderator requests" it takes ages 
>> then times out. I saw 1000s of pending requests in data/, assumed the 
>> previous list admin had not kept up with moderator requests and so used 
>> discard to get rid of them. The discard worked fine but afterwards the 
>> web admin page still timed out. I tried dumping the request.pck file and 
>> it was huge and took ages to dump. I'm only guessing but I think someone 
>> may have deleted holding files from data/ and not used discard. Is there 
>> any way to rebuild the request.pck file?
> At this point, the held messages are gone anyway, so just remove the
> request.pck file. At worst, there may be one or more subscribe or
> unsubscribe requests (if admin approval is required) that you will
> loose, but at least the list admindb interface will work. Mailman will
> recreate an 'empty' request.db as needed.
> If your Mailman version is 2.1.6 or later, you can set max_days_to_hold
> on the General Options page to avoid this in the future.	

Thank you, this did the trick.


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