[Mailman-Users] Went to Junk folders!!

faisal anif faisalanif at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 21 04:09:05 CEST 2008

I recently posted here about me moving my business and files from a shared hosting plan to my own dedicated server and got a new domain name. well anyways I moved my mailing list that contains about 600 emails of my customers and site visitors to the server and I threw in my personal emails at hotmail and yahoo and gmail in the list for testing. when I posted to the list for the first time I was surprised that all the messages in hotmail and yahoo and gmail went to junk and spam folders!!
is it because I changed the domain name where I used to send from? or is it because of the server? if I transferred the old domain name to the server and used it for sending will I still be marked as junk in my subscriber's mailboxes? 
please help!
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