[Mailman-Users] Went to Junk folders!!

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Sep 21 20:46:46 CEST 2008

faisal anif wrote:
>... when I posted to the list for the first time I was surprised that all the messages in hotmail and yahoo and gmail went to junk and spam folders!!
>is it because I changed the domain name where I used to send from? or is it because of the server? if I transferred the old domain name to the server and used it for sending will I still be marked as junk in my subscriber's mailboxes? 

Generally speaking, mail is flagged as spam by ISPs because of the
content or the source. If the source is blacklisted, it is normally by
IP address, not name.

Your mail server needs to be properly configured. This means that the
name with which it identifies itself in HELO/EHLO must be a fully
qualified domain name that resolves to the IP it is sending from and
that a rDNS lookup of that IP returns the same name.

Beyond that, see Brad's reply and the FAQ at

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