[Mailman-Users] moving archives to different location

Radim Roska, IAESTE CVUT radim.roska at iaeste.cz
Tue Sep 23 23:06:30 CEST 2008


I use mailman version 2.1.10 patched with mhonarc and modinc patches.

I'm trying to move archives to subdirectories.

I've googled some answer from 1999..but its not working. There is variable
PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_FILE_DIR  = os.path.join(VAR_PREFIX, 'archives', 'public')
in Defaults.py

i've tried to change that variable by withlist command. But its not
defined for m instance. In Archive.py there are methods that are quite
clear..but i dont want to hack these methods for every new conference.

Please, how is it possible to change archive location for a conference?

Thanks a lot for any hints ;)]


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