[Mailman-Users] massive unsubscribe

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Sep 24 16:14:10 CEST 2008

Ralf Hildebrandt wrote:

>* Tecru Info <info at tecru.net>:
>> Nothing out of the ordindary shows up in the log. The IP/domain name is 
>> not on any common blacklists...
>> I am not sure what I am supposed to be checking for in the WIKI, I found 
>> very little on there about spam other than installing spam assasin...


>> I am not convinced this is a spam issue either but I don't know what it 
>> could be.
>Stuff like this happens. Which reason is given in the log for the

Ralf means Mailman's 'unsubscribe' log. Also check Mailman's 'bounce'

What are the list's Bounce processing settings? Are
bounce_notify_owner_on_disable and bounce_notify_owner_on_removal set
to Yes. In particular, if bounce_notify_owner_on_disable is Yes, the
list owner will get a copy of the bounce DSN in the notice.

Also, is there anything in Mailman's smtp-failure logs?

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