[Mailman-Users] Admin getting bug on one list

Bill Christensen billc_lists at greenbuilder.com
Tue Sep 30 00:53:37 CEST 2008

At 3:24 PM -0700 9/29/08, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>It looks like at least once, you had removed config.pck and Mailman had
>fallen back to config.pck.last - this is where the config.pck.safety
>came from.
>It actually appears that some saves of the list are succeeding and that
>maybe it is only the admin CGI that's failing.
>Does the list appear to work otherwise?

Yes, mail from approved senders is going through.  This is a 
moderated list though, so there are a number of messages stacked up 
waiting for admin approval.

>What does
>  ls -ld /usr/local/mailman/lists/aen
>give: the permissions should be drwxrwsr-x and the group should be
>mailman. The owner is normally root or the web server (nobody?)
>depending on how the list was created.

Yes, it's drwxrwsr-x and the owner and group match all the other 
(working) lists

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