[Mailman-Users] [-0.5] Re: Soft bounces....

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Apr 5 09:10:49 CEST 2009

on 4/3/09 9:34 AM, Charles Gregory said:

> Further to this topic, another suggestion from Yahoo would be to use 
> different IP addresses for different classes of mail. Short of running 
> the mail on a separate server, I was thinking I might try running a 
> separate instance of postfix to send mail from a separate IP. But then 
> how would I tell mailman to use *that* instance of postfix?

What do they mean "different classes" of mail?  If you're using postfix, 
it should be easy enough to tell it to use a given IP address when 
transmitting mail to yahoo.com, and use a different address when 
transmitting to anywhere else.

Likewise, if you want to identify different classes of mail and have 
them sent through different IP addresses, that should also be possible 
-- so long as you can identify what is meant by "different classes" of mail.

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