[Mailman-Users] Strange admindb GUI issue.

Brendon Lloyd brendonl at ISI.EDU
Thu Apr 9 22:17:23 CEST 2009

Hi Folks,

I was wondering if anyone has come across this problem:

I recently migrated mailman from version 2.1.7 to 2.1.12, and most of 
the admindb GUI appears to work, however, when I attempt to accept held 
messages, nothing happens after I click on "Submit All Data". I just see 
the same form, with no error message or notice that the message has been 

I've run the check_perms script and fixed any permissions issues.

I've also used: "./withlist -l -r fix_url $list -u $newdomain" to switch 
the domain of the old lists to the new one, and I've run "make install" 
with the older data, lists, and archives files in place, and that 
appeared to make some changes to the older dirs to be compatible with 

I've checked my /usr/local/mailman/logs/error logs and see nothing. I've 
also checked my apache error logs and my system logs.

In the absence of a quick fix for this problem, can anyone point out a 
good way to set mailman to a greater level of debugging, so that I can 
gather more clues as to why this won't work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Brendon

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