[Mailman-Users] flag moderation doesnt work

Infokeep - Mario Sergio Mario at infokeep.com.br
Wed Apr 8 20:51:30 CEST 2009

Hi list,


I have na main list with name (geral at domain.com). Inside of this list, I
have other two lists (finance at domain.com and support at domain.com).


All lists has the moderation bit disable. But, When I send an email to
the main list (geral at domain.com), this emails wait the moderator accept
the message. When this is accepted by the moderator, this message wait
the authorization in the other lists (finance at domain.com and
support at domain.com).


I put the geral list as member of the finance at domain and support at domain
list, because I think that who sends the email is the main list to my
other lists. And I put the geral list in whitelist of the other two
lists too. But doesn't work, and I need to authorize the message always.


Did I make something wrong? Is this configuration possible?







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