[Mailman-Users] Webbugs

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at goldmark.org
Sun Apr 12 00:41:16 CEST 2009

This is kind of off-topic in that it is not specific to mailman based  
lists, but I am wondering whether any mailman site managers have  
developed something that might meet my needs.

The short version of the question is that I would like to have one  
list that sends HTML messages that "include" images which are not the  
mail itself, and where the URL for at least one of these remotely  
hosted images is personalized for the specific recipient.

OK.  Now the background.  I have recently been co-opted by a local  
community/non-profit to help with their web work.  I also have a  
mailman installation that I use for other things and other groups.   
This particular group, however, has been using Constant Contact for  
their occasional newsletter.   They are just using the free service  
which is very limited (no archiving, no user subscription page, etc).   
But it does offer two things that I don't really know how to do.  One  
is having "templates" that make it easy for a very unskilled person to  
create an "attractive" and "rich" email to be sent out.  The other is  
tracking via webbugs.

I don't know whether the Constant Contact system for creating such  
messages is a server side thing or client side.  Any client side  
portion (if there is to be one) would need to run on Windows.

So does anyone know of any tools, preferably open source, that would  
help me set up a list that would add those two properties?  I'm  
running on a FreeBSD system with all the usual suspects (Apache, perl,  
PHP, mailman (of course), ...).



Jeffrey Goldberg                        http://www.goldmark.org/jeff/

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