[Mailman-Users] Apache does not have permission to accesspipermail/listname

Lars Olson lars at vectortechnologies.ca
Wed Apr 15 15:59:10 CEST 2009

This is a Fedora RPM so I will try the Fedora forums. 

Thanks Mark.

Lars Olson wrote:
>Looks like you nailed it with your comment about SELinux.  I just ran
>setenforce 0 and tried again and was able to view the archive.  Now the
>question is how do I fix the SELinux problem?

Sorry, that's a SELinux question, not a Mailman question. I know
essentially zero about SELinux.

Are you running a RedHat Mailman package? If so, it has some changes[1]
to make it more FHS compliant and SELinux friendly so you should be
able to make it work. If this isn't the RedHat package, I don't have a


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