[Mailman-Users] Archive 3rd Party List

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Apr 18 09:47:46 CEST 2009

on 4/17/09 11:31 AM, Jim Redman said:

> I subscribe to a mailing list that has no archive capabilities.
> I don't really want to try to take over the list, but would like to 
> archive the messages as a service to other list users.
> Would it be possible to do this with Mailman?  Or does anyone have an 
> alternate system that may be better capable to do this?

You could set up a local Mailman mailing list that is a subscriber to 
the parent list, and it could provide archives.  However, that sort of 
thing is generally frowned upon by the people who run the mailing lists, 
so you should check with them first.

And to make sure that your system couldn't be abused to send spam 
through to the parent list, you'd have some security work you'd need to 
do to lock things down.

And if the parent list is also using Mailman, or some other package that 
also does things like send to you the password you need to access or 
modify your subscription options, then be advised that those things 
would get posted to your little archive system and then anyone else who 
wanted to could read those messages and go change your settings without 
your knowledge or approval.

It's certainly do-able, but you probably want to spend some time to 
think everything all the way through before you go down this route.

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