[Mailman-Users] Want posts from mylist to mylist to be held

Donna Dierker donna at brainvis.wustl.edu
Tue Apr 21 17:59:11 CEST 2009

Hi mailman experts,

My mailman list 'mylist' has non-member posts set to be rejected.  This
has done an excellent job of preventing spam in the past.

Recently, a spam message was successfully posted to mylist.  The "From"
field showed mylist at myserver.edu (i.e., the same address that one uses
when posting *to* mylist).  Looking in the list of subscribers, I don't
see 'mylist' as a member.  And typically posts do not come from the
list; rather, they are just posted *to* the list *from* an individual
subscriber's email address.

Why aren't posts *from* mylist at myserver.edu being rejected, since
mylist at myserver.edu is a non-member from the point of view of the list?

I thought about putting From: mylist at myserver.edu in the spam filter,
and setting the action to Hold; however, I don't want a message being
sent to everyone on mylist every time a spam message gets held for
moderator approval.  I do, however, want these messages held, so I can
inspect them.  (Or at least a copy emailed to me, the list moderator,
before the message is discarded.)



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