[Mailman-Users] mailman + postfix issue

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Apr 22 16:04:06 CEST 2009

David Fernandez Lopez wrote:
>I'm trying to configure mailman+postix in a debian machine and I found some
>It seems that postfix don't know how to pipe emails to correct location
>(mailman) and is trying to deliver the message to a mailbox that do not
>Apr 21 16:19:44 davos postfix/virtual[17439]: 929404A7FE: to=<
>test at davos.web83.es>, relay=virtual, delay=63369, delays=63369/0.02/0/0.02,
>dsn=4.2.0, status=deferred (delivery failed to mailbox
>/var/mail/vmail/"|/var/lib/mailman/mail/mailman post test": unable to create
>lock file /var/mail/vmail/"|/var/lib/mailman/mail/mailman post test".lock:
>No such file or directory)
>Any idea? What logs do you need to see my configuration?

It looks like your postfix configuration is incorrect. You are using
"virtual" delivery instead of "local" delivery for this mail.

This is a Postfix configuration issue, not a Mailman issue per se, but
if you post the output of "postconf -n", someone here may be able to
help you.

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