[Mailman-Users] What does this message mean?

James Reid james at thereidsonline.com
Tue Apr 28 12:31:05 CEST 2009

Hi Everyone,


I have one single user on one of my lists whose posts regularly (though not
always) result in her messages coming to me as list owner with the following


The attached message has been automatically discarded.


As far as I can see:

-          The user is sending from a subscribed address (only subscribers
can send to the list)

-          The message is not too big


The only thing that I can guess might be a problem is that the user is
renown for bcc'ing quite a few others in her posts, but I can't see how that
could affect things (the other addresses would have disappeared by the time
it got to my mailman server - the user is on the internet)


Can someone give me some suggestion on what the problem might be?




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